YBC Conservation Scholarship

Yukon Bird Club is a registered Canadian charitable non-profit organization founded in spring 1993. The club’s focus is to bring together the Yukon birding community and visitors to gather and share knowledge and data about Yukon birds. The establishment of a strong local bird club has facilitated a remarkable increase in public awareness and appreciation of Yukon birds.

The Yukon Bird Club offers an annual award of $500 to a Yukon College student in a post-secondary program who demonstrates outstanding interest and motivation in environmental and bird conservation. Eligible applicants must show how they plan (or will continue to) meet at least one of the Yukon Bird Club’s mandates:

● Promote awareness, appreciation, and conservation of Yukon birds and their habitats.
● Act as an advocate for environmental conservation related to birds and their environment.
● Encourage and involve youth interest in environmental conservation.

Application Requirements:
Applicant must be entering or enrolled at a post-secondary program at Yukon College. Proof of acceptance must be submitted before the award is granted. Note students may only receive this award once.

Please include:
● One-page essay (500 words max) outlining your academic program and goals for that program, and demonstrate how you meet at least one of the Yukon Bird Club’s three mandates. We want to know what motivates you in this program, why you want to study in this program and where you see it taking you in the future. How do your interests and goals in your education pertain to our three mandates?
● Letter of acceptance to Yukon College
● Resume

Review Process:
The applications will be reviewed by the board of the Yukon Bird Club. A decision will be made and the student notified within two weeks by a committee of 2-3 Yukon Bird Club board members. Send applications to the Yukon Bird Club. Write “YBC Award Application” in the subject line of your email please.

Deadline to submit: October 1, 2018

Awareness, Appreciation and Conservation of Yukon Birds and their Habitats