The Helmut Grünberg Yukon Birdathon is an annual birdwatching event that doubles as a fundraiser for the Yukon Bird Club.  It was renamed in 2015 to honour our long-time friend and pillar of the Yukon birding community, Helmut Grünberg, who passed away in February 2015. To learn more about this remarkable member of our club and our community, read about him in the spring 2015 edition of our YBC Newsletter, The Yukon Warbler.

Read below for more information about this exciting 24 hours of fun that comes around every year on the last weekend of May.

(You can read a report about last year’s Birdathon -2021, in the fall 2021 edition of our  Yukon Warbler newsletter)

2022 Helmut Grünberg Yukon Birdathon

5:00 p.m., Fri. May 27 – 5:00 p.m. Sat. May 28

The Yukon Bird Club’s annual 24-hour birding fundraiser is fun and easy!

Go solo or with your friends and family.  Form a team!
Explore close to home — avoid using fossil fuels if possible.
All funds raised will go to the Yukon Bird Club in support of bird-related educational activities.

After the birding, we’ll meet for a potluck BBQ to share stories from 6:00 to 8:30 pm on Saturday. Watch for information on the location to be confirmed closer to the event.

UPDATE 21 May 2022!

You can read updated event information in this press release. Note the post-Birdathon pot luck BBQ gathering will be held at Rotary Peace Park beginnning at 6 pm on Saturday. Bring something to BBQ, your own beverages, and some other food to share if possible. We are trying to make this a garbage-free event so it would also help to bring your own plates/cups/cutlery. And bring a camp chair to sit in!

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We would love to hear from you (preferably by email) after the event.  Your results will help us award prizes and let us know who participated.  If you participate in the potluck BBQ on Saturday you can choose to provide this info then.
Here’s what we would like from you:
  • participant names, ages, and indicate who is a new participant (for youngest and oldest birder and most species by a new participant)
  • Were you envirobirding – self-propelled? (for envirobirding prize)
  • Were you using an e-bike?
  • List of all species seen or heard  during your Birdathon,
  • A list of species seen or heard at home or in a shared common space (if you wish to be considered for that prize).

Here’s what you need to know to participate!

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Consider Sponsoring our 2022 Feature Birder

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