Yukon Bird Club

YBC is a registered Canadian charitable non-profit organization.

Our mission is to:

  • promote awareness, appreciation, and conservation of Yukon birds and their habitats.
  • act as an advocate for bird conservation.
  • encourage and involve youth.
  • operate on a non-profit basis

We are based in Whitehorse, Yukon, but have members from many communities throughout Yukon as well as some from further afield.

If you are on Facebook, please join in the conversation on the Yukon Birds Facebook group. The goal of this group is to share information about Yukon birds: sightings, events, photos, conservation issues. We also welcome posts from our near-neighbours, especially Atlin.

Yukon Bird Club Code of Ethics

We, the membership of the Yukon Bird Club, believe that all birders have an obligation at all times to protect wildlife and the natural environment, and respect the rights of others. We therefore pledge ourselves to provide leadership by adhering to the following guidelines of good birding behaviour.

I. Respect and promote the well-being and conservation of birds, other wildlife, and their habitats.

  1. Support bird and habitat conservation;
  2. Avoid stressing birds or exposing birds to danger by exercising restraint and caution during observation or photography;
  3. Never chase or intentionally flush birds;
  4. Never use flashlights or similar artificial lights to spotlight birds at night;
  5. Only sparingly and very briefly use recordings and similar methods of attracting birds and do not use these methods in regularly birded areas, with species of conservation concern, or in sensitive habitats. The use recordings to attract birds is not allowed during the Yukon Birdathon, or other “big day” or similar activities held in the Yukon;
  6. Keep an appropriate distance from nests and nesting colonies so as not to disturb them or expose them to danger;
  7. Never handle birds, nests, or eggs unless engaged in recognized and permitted research activities;
  8. Stay on existing roads, trails, and pathways where they exist and always avoid trampling or otherwise disturbing habitat;
  9. Share and promote with others the awareness, appreciation, and conservation of birds and their habitats.

II. Birders who attract birds to their yards or property, either through feeders or nest boxes, should provide a safe environment for the birds.

  1. Ensure that feeders are kept clean, and provide an uninterrupted supply of feed during harsh weather;
  2. Maintain and clean nest boxes regularly;
  3. Place feeders and nest boxes to ensure that birds are not exposed to predation by cats and other domestic animals, or other hazards (e.g. windows).

III. Birders must always respect the rights of others.

  1. Respect the privacy and property of others by asking permission to enter private lands;
  2. Observe all laws, rules, and regulations which govern public use of birding areas;
  3. Practice common courtesy in our contacts with others;
  4. Always behave in a manner that will enhance the image of the birding community in the eyes of the public.

IV. Birders in groups should assume special responsibilities.
As group members, we will:

  • Take special care to alleviate the problems and disturbances that are multiplied when more people are present;
  • Act in consideration of the group’s interest, as well as our own;
  • Support by our actions the responsibility of the group leader(s) for the conduct of the group.

As group leaders, we will:

  • Assume responsibility for the conduct of the group;
  • Learn and inform the group of any special rules, regulations, or conduct applicable to the area or habitat being visited;
  • Limit groups to a size that does not threaten the environment or the peace and tranquility of others;
  • Teach others birding ethics by our words and actions.

Awareness, Appreciation and Conservation of Yukon Birds and their Habitats